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Rays of Sun is a social enterprise associated with Nimittekam, which offers hand crafted and lifestyle products created by Pak-Hindu migrants and local artisans. These artisans are gifted with the talent of traditional skills. ROS’s mission is to encourage Pak-Hindu migrants and local artisans to carry their age old crafts and also acquire new skills, self-confidence and self-identity for their better living. This section of society though marg ... View More




Style is a Reflection of

Style is a Reflection of Your Attitude and Your Personality. Angrakha is an Ethnic Style that has an Asymmetric Opening, Knotted or Secured by Thread Ties. Best Hand Block Printed Cotton Angrakha with Best Hand Embroidery and Tassel. 100% cotton 100% Organic 100% Hand Embroider 100% Eco-Friendly 100% sustainable Rays of sun is based Manufacturer of Designer Cotton Hand Block Garments. Available wide range Hand Embroidery, Hand Block Print Traditional and Indo-Western Wear Garments, Shirt, Long Dress and Short Dress.

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Best Hand Woven Stole wit

Best Hand Woven Stole with Best Hand Block Print and Best Hand Embroidery. This Product is Made Using the Hand Block Print Technique which is a Process with up to 4 Stages that Employs Natural Colors for Printing and is Practiced in Bagru and Jaipur Clusters of India. Also Embroidery Done Pak-Hindu Migrants All-over Hand Block Print Geometric Motifs 100% Cotton 100% Hand Woven 100% Hand Embroidery Fabric Length: 2.5 m Rays of Sun is Based Manufacturer of Designer Cotton Hand Block Garments. Available Wide Range Hand Embroidery, Hand Block Print Traditional and Indo-Western Wear Garments. Rays of Sun Working to Uplift the lives of the Pakistani Migrants Hindu and Local Artisans.

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Sharddha Shashidhar Miss

Sharddha Shashidhar Miss universe India - 2017 who Represented India at Las Vegas visited Rays of sun .She appreciated the work of Pak Hindu migrants and local artisans. She also pledged to work for the noble cause of Rays of Sun .

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Our Director Meenakshi Ah

Our Director Meenakshi Ahuja Ji has been Awarded with 10th Udgam Women's Achiever Award on International Women's Day. A Women who is unstoppable, and her achievements are incomparable. She is working for a noble cause to uplift the lives of Pak-Hindu Migrants and local artisans. Her motive is to provide a platform, where they can establish their own identity and a better living which they deserve.

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